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"He Was There, Always"
by cji

When I got dressed
he inspected me
when I had a date
he inspected the she.

I was the youngest
he was my big brother
he was the greatest
he was like no other.

Taught me to throw
taught me to catch
taught me to grow
taught me to watch.

Taught me to see
taught me to feel
taught me to be free
taught me to heal.

He had forever goals
going and becoming
filling voids in souls
he would be running.

So much he had to do
time taken to just talk
but the distance in view
with me he would walk.

Sometimes I grew too slow
he grew up way to fast
to be like him I'd grow
together our shadows cast.

Never to be brushed aside
he understood my need
taking me on his ride
responsibility did he heed.

Then one day he went away
the Marine Corp to serve
promising he wouldn't stay
time precious to preserve.

But wars don't know all
he went to Nam to fight
it took seven days to fall
a sniper out in the night.

Daddy and mommy cried
I was numb and confused
my older brother had died
at first this I only refused.

Yet caskets and flags seen
Michael's name to be called
funerals memories to glean
then alone finally I bawled.

Will life be the same ever
who'll teach me to live
Mike was really clever
so much love to give.

Time has taught me much
he's here with me a lot
in the breeze I can touch
never once has he forgot.

He was there, always
just been watching me
in the distance he stays
teaching me still to be free.

I wave and many wonder
tears flow still time alone
he's taught me to ponder
making a house a home.

Mom and Dad served well
WWII was their great fight
how hearts did truly swell
in our prayers said at night.

Side by side are dad and Mike
somehow planned to be done
makes sense and it's right
so many battles thus won.

Flashbacks unwelcome still
seeing soldiers come to knock
understanding Father's will
my heart's door to unlock.

Sadness wells within me
I carry precious this love
Mike taught me to be free
with his standard up above.


This poem was written by Charles J. Ingerson
and is dedicated to the memory of
Michael Barry Turner, PFC-USMC
April 6, 1948-February 18, 1968
KIA Tet Offensive, Battle of Hue City.

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Tribute to Michael Barry Turner

Created July 5, 2005


Song: Cavatina - Theme to the movie the Deer Hunter
Composed by Stanley Meyers
Arranged and performed by Dan Turner
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