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Marietta National Military Cemetery
Memorial Day Weekend

"This photo shows exactly what I found. The only .... the ONLY ....personal commemoration in the whole damn cemetery are the two that you see in the photo. Mind you it was Saturday, but there just wasn’t anything out there for all these guys and gals.”

Dan Turner

Dorothy “the Colonel” Turner, PFc MARINE WWII
(nicknamed by her “Boys” in the Army: Tom Golden, Tony Sutter, & Pete Demkow)

Turner family commemorating
O.L. “Bud” Turner – Electricians 1st Mate, US Navy SeaBees
and Michael Barry Turner, PFC USMC

"The Colonel” and Susan


"The Colonel” and her son, Dan

Tribute to Michael Barry Turner

Created Memorial Day 2008


Song: Cavatina - Theme to the movie the Deer Hunter
Composed by Stanley Meyers
Arranged and performed by Dan Turner