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Tony Taylor

Tony, Class of 1972

Tony, 2001
"When Sarge did handsprings on the gym floor at pep rallies,
I told him that I was gonna be able to do that when I reached his age.
Well, I am now 47 and I can still do 'em, hehehe."

Tony is a rehab maintenance engineer for an
1122 unit apartment complex in Decatur.
He has joint custody of his soon to be 7 year old son, Dylan,
and is one proud papa!
"I am coaching him at Pee Wee baseball out in Gwinnett,
and he is in Advanced Learning classes at Annistown Elementary.
Every report card is flawlessly perfect.
He has been trained on computer since the age of 16 months
and can surf with the best of us. He loves Napster.
Has many custom burned CD`s. Oops! Sorry, I`m doing the proud Dad thing..."

Tony is a "comic, musician, philosopher, God`s kid, and man."
"I am none of these by trade. I am just a comic at heart.
I play guitar and sing on the side of Stone Mountain.
I have been called a philosopher by many because I make up modern day parables.
I came to believe I was God`s creation.
And, I became a man finally when I became responsible for my own actions,
and ceased to blame others."

Dylan as a Cardinal baseball player and Dylan at Tybee Island

Dylan begins 2nd grade!
August 2001

Visit Tony in action on You Tube!


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