Amos Tanner

Amos, Class of 1971

Amos, April 25, 2009

After graduation, Amos married, joined the army, and then moved to Colorado. He is divorced and currently lives in California. Amos has three kids: a son who's a policeman in St. Louis, MO, a son who's an engineer at Honeywell in Pheonix, AZ, and a daughter who's an RN and also lives in Pheonix.

Amos, at a friend's house at Christmas, 2007

Left picture: Amos' oldest son, Justin (engineer) and two of his grandkids, Jessie and Ethan
Center picture: Amos' daughter, Rachel (hospital RN) and two more granddaughters, Arrianna on the left and Delayna on the right
Right picture: Amos' youngest son, Chris (cop)

Amos' son, Chris in uniform

"Looking out my front window..."


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