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John Sosebee

John, Class of 1972

John and his wife, Lisa, 2008

John works at Deltacom part-time in
directory assistance, and Lisa works
at Cooperative Extension.
"Last March, I had gastric bypass surgery.
I have lost 100 pounds, came off of almost
all my meds, including insulin, and feel great!"

EDITOR'S NOTE: You look great, John!
I know you're happy to have your health back in check, too!

John and Lisa, 2008

John and his wife, Lisa, 2004

John and Lisa married on October 2, 2004,
and they currently live in Anniston.
Congratulations on your marriage, John!

Here are THE BOYS! John and Lisa recently rescued this 1.5 year old red mini dachsund named Yogi Bear to go along with Corky, the 11 year old mini dachsund. John says Yogi's full of energy and love for sure!

Corky, MASTER of the house AND RINGBEARER at John's wedding,
and Rusty, the cat, R.I.P. 2005


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