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Rick Smith

Rick, Class of 1966

Rick on his Harley, 2006

Atlanta Society of Entertainers Awards Ceremony
August 20, 2006
Rick received the Male Vocalist of the Year Award!

Atlanta Society of Entertainers Awards Ceremony
August 20, 2006
Titans in attendance: Carole Parker Sharp (THS 66), Mark HarmoniCOLE (THS 72),
Rockin' Rhythmic Rick Smith (THS 66), Bill Huston (THS 67), Bill's wife, Pat

Rick with Diana Degarmo at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame
September 2005

Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony
Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place
Dan Turner, Mark Cole, and Rick Smith
Dan and Mark received Life Time Achievement Awards
and an award for the Best Blues Band 2004 for the Brothel Blues Band.
Rick Smith received a Life Time Achievement Award.
November 27, 2004

Rick's currently living in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia and he's been involved in music most of his life. Rick's with Fiddlin' John Carson Productions, and singing with the Atlanta Society of Entertainers and the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame. Rick received the Country-Pop Artist Award at the Atlanta Society of Entertainers in August 2003 at the Raddison Northlake. Congratulations, Rick!

Hall of Fame, 2003

Graduation Day - June 6, 1966

"My dog, Bootsie, eating a Fudgcicle. She would let us know when
the ice cream truck was coming. She held it herself to eat it."

Wadsworth Elementary School Honor Band - 1960

Lookouts' Baseball Team
Midway Ballpark - 1960

The Rifleman with his Colt .45's (from 2 TV Shows) - 1959

I've got my six shooters and I'm ready for action!

View Rick's personal photos here!


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