Kerry Smith

Kerry, Class of 1973

Kerry, January 8, 2008

Kerry, side-by-side!

Kerry currently lives in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

"I am still employed in the land of TOO MUCH SUN where I have been detached from my homeland some 20+ years - and where not soon enough I hope to leave this baron land forever behind... say in about 3 years as I reach 55 and should be ready to say bye-bye to all that call this desert land home..."

Kerry brings a smile to my face as he reflects on priceless memories from the 70's:

"contrary to NORMA's re collection I too crashed one of my VWs... I rolled my first of three bugs there in that damned round circle at the entrance to a subdivision whose name and whereabouts has long since vaporized from my head - albeit maybe the very neighborhood where she herself grew up. It was late-ish night one weekend when Scott Loftin (RIP) and myself had been somewhere and were going somewhere else when I/we decided to make SEVERAL EXTRA LAPS around that damned round-a-bout circle, which proved to be more action than the bald tires on my old bug could endure, and eventually that '63 bug rolled and tumbled in the middle of that damned circle 2 1/2 times more or less - during which from under the rear seat fell the loosely-mounted 12-volt auto battery whose sole purpose was to power the 8-track tape deck that hung under the dash, which coincidentally was likely blaring THE DOORS tale of L.A. Woman at the time. After the bug FINALLY stopped rolling, wheels pointing straight up of course, I called out to Scott several times before he replied, fearing that he had be whopped upside the head by that giant 8-track battery rolling about. After a quick individual assessment, each to his own mind you, and on agreeing that indeed we were both fully intact and unscathed, we crawled out of that bug, sheepishly looking from house to house ever hopeful that we were unobserved by the should-be sleeping occupants therein, flipped that bug back on his feet, and sputtered away into the night..."


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