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Cheryl Smith Margol

Class of 1972

Cheryl at the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Alumni performance
Falcon's vs. the Denver Broncos game
November 16, 2008

Action shots! November 16, 2008

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Alumni 1960-1970's
Cheryl is on the front row, third from the left.
Libby Wilson Heineken (THS 75) is fourth from the left on the same row
and Celia Wilson Moore (THS 72) is next to Libby.
November 16, 2008

L-R: Titan AFC friends: Cheryl, Libby Wilson Heineken (THS 75),
and Celia Wilson Moore (THS 72)
November 16, 2008

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Alumni 1960-2000
November 16, 2008

Falcon Cheerleader Alumni performance in October 2006 (Falcons Vs. Steelers). Second from left is Celia Wilson Moore (THS 72), 4th from left is Libby Wilson Heineken (THS 75), and first one on the right is Cheryl.
"Celia and I cheered in 1971 and Libby cheered in 1984 and 1985."

Hanging out after the performance
Celia Wilson Moore (THS 72), Libby Wilson Heineken (THS 75), and Cheryl
October 2006

Small section of the Official Atlanta Falcons Alumni Photo
1st one from left is Cheryl, 3rd one from left is Libby, 4th one is Celia
October 2006
Click here to see LARGE photo of Official Atlanta Falcons Alumni Photo from October 2006.
The Official Falcon Cheerleader Alumni photo includes all of the ladies who cheered for the Falcons for the past 35 years. Front row includes choreographers from all decades, 2nd row includes 1970's ladies (Celia, Libby and Cheryl are on this row), 3rd row includes 1980's ladies, 4th row contains the 1990's, and back row includes the 2000's.
"We had a blast performing and really enjoyed reliving our glory days. It's hard to believe Celia and I did this 35 years ago. AAK!! Talk about feeling old!!!!!!!!!!!!"

L: Wedding photo of Cheryl and her hubby, Steve - 1987
R: Cheryl and Steve in Roaring 20's attire for Halloween party - 1992

Blast from the Past photo from Cheryl

More Blast from the Past photos from Cheryl


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