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Frank Skokan

Frank, Class of 1969

Looking at the photo:
Frank (biker name is Torch) is on the left and a friend,
Gypsy Joe, another Nam vet, is on the right.
They were riding to the VA Hospital
to donate money to a program for Vietnam Vets.


"This was when I was a cherry (new guy). The other man is Greek my team leader. If you look close around my waist you can see bandoliers of M-16 magazines and grenades. About 2 hours after this was taken we were hit and the point and slack men were killed. They are the first 2 people in line walking on patrol."

"I'm sitting on the bunker waiting to go on patrol. I was a SGT team leader on a 5 man Recon patrol. The man standing up was my team medic. This is what I did when I was 19."

"This one was taken toward the end of my tour when I had finally lost any sense that we were doing any good (other than dying for people who didn't give a damn). That was the hardest thing about coming home (being considered a fool for trying to help other people stay free). I guess 20 years of boat people proved us right."

"What a long, strange trip it's been."


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