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Allen Peeples

Allen, Class of 1970

Allen and his wife, Ismene
December 2006

For years, Allen lived in Taiwan and then Bangkok, Thailand for years. He was the radio personality of “Tony the Tiger” and before leaving Bangkok, he and his business partner had taken over the programming and management of a smooth jazz Thai FM radio station, 98.5 Breeze FM . (Interestingly enough, this was a bilingual radio station where the newscasts and commercials were in Thai language, and Allen’s and one other radio DJ’s show were presented in English.) While in Taiwan and Thailand, Allen's wife, Ismene, was an actress/playwright/director and starred in a Taiwan sitcom.

In October of 2006, Allen moved back to the USA and he is now living in Buford, GA. His wife, Ismene, recently completed a workshop at the New York Film Academy. She is currently in China on the Yunan peninsula working on a movie in Shangri-La which the government has commissioned her to write and direct. Allen recently passed the Georgia Real Estate exam in January 2007 and is now selling real estate.

“We're just two old people who have gone back to school to learn something different. Wish us luck. If that doesn't work out, I'll be playing piano in some blues bar for cheap drinks! LOL! Of course I could win the lottery and just go fishing.”

Allen, his sister, Wendy (THS 74), and his brother, Jerry (THS 72)
December 2006

Jerry the cut-up!

L: Allen's wife, Ismene, and Kathleen, wife of Ronnie Peeples (THS 67)
who passed away in February 2000
R: Allen and Ismene
December 2006

Allen, 2005

Allen and his lovely wife, Ismene
December 2000

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