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Jeff Paige

Class of 1966

Jeff in training, 2006
Some where over the rainbow....

September 2004

"I was going through two days of tactical shooting training last weekend. This was just prior to the start of training. Pictured is a Sig 9MM on my right side, I'm holding an Bushmaster Assault rifle, and the magazine holders are on my left side. Not pictured is the shotgun."

Jeff lives in Hampton, Virginia, and moonlights as a private detective .
I'd say he would be the man to call for some heavy duty PI work.

For Jeff's day job, he is a Curriculum Developer/Instructional System Developer/Performance Consultant.

Vietnam - 1968

Vietnam - 1968
"We were running a village cordon operation. These guys were on their way to play at a wedding. We couldn’t let them pass. We spent a couple of hours being entertained by them. They were good, but no Jimmy Hendrix."

Vietnam - Late 1960's
Tiger Force
Photo taken in Jeff's former life somewhere overseas


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