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Jerome and Lynnette Meyberg Cochran

Lynnette, Class of 1975 and Jerome, Class of 1977

Lynnette 2000
Lynnette and Jerome married on May 25, 2000. Lynnette says she and Jerome didn't date in high school, but they did have one class together. It was in Mr. Stringer's class that Jerome called her a name, and so she threw him across three desks. Lynnette said that she was expelled from school for a week. She signed Jerome's yearbook with "Roses are red. Violets are blue. Boy, will you forgive me? Cause I feel blue." Twenty-five years later, their paths crossed again and they tied the knot!


Interesting side note - Jerome's mother is the last McCoy of the "Hatfields and McCoys."


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