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Alan Loper

Alan, Class of 1977

Alan, Green Gables Inn
Pacific Grove, California, July 2004

Alan is one of three 1970's alumni to graduate from and then teach at THS. Alan taught at THS from 1991-1997 and in addition to teaching, he coached Junior Varsity football and baseball. Alan became a counselor in 1997 and transferred to Clarkston for a short stint and then became the Head Counselor at Chamblee High School (a Magnet School for High Achievers) in 1999.

Alan has competed in national baseball tournaments each November since around 1997.

"We are lucky enough to play in the spring training stadiums of major league teams, so it's a real treat..and a nice time to play ball since the weather still is warm in Tampa and St. Pete."

SIDE NOTE OF INTEREST FROM ALAN: The others who graduated in the 1970's and later taught at Towers include Tommy Norwood (1973), who now teaches in Gwinnett County, and Bill George (1976), who is currently is a principal at Atha Elementary in Walton County. Another alumnus who found her way back to THS was Ann Yancey (Coach Yancey's daughter from 1975). She graduated and returned as an English department paraprofessional.


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