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Don and Sheila Grogan Hoffmeyer

Don and Sheila, Class of 1974

Don is married to Sheila Grogan, who started out in the
Class of 1974 at THS before transferring to Central Gwinnett in 1972.

Don and daughter, Jennifer
Jennifer represented Barrow County in Winder's Winter Parade, December 2008
and Don was her chauffer.

Don and Sheila's daughters: Wendy and Jennifer
Winder Winter Parade
December 2008

Congratulations to Don and Sheila's daughter, Jennifer!
Jennifer was named Mrs. Barrow County, June 2008

Don and Sheila's daughter, Wendy, 2006

Don and Sheila's grandkids, 2006
L-R: Dominic on vacation at Flagler Beach, FL;
Hunter at his All Star's game;
and cute little Halie

L-R: Daughter, Wendy, Sheila Grogan Hoffmeyer, and other daughter, Jennifer
Mother's Day, 2005

Don, around 1998

Dominic and a few close friends several years ago!

Sheila and Don
Photo by Olan Mills, 1977

Family Photo - A Step Back in Time... Panama City, FL 1972
Charles Hoffmeyer (THS 70) (Wait a minute! Isn't this one of the Beach Boys???),
Jane (his ex wife), Mrs. Hoffmeyer - Don and Charles' mother,
Darien Hoffmeyer Dooley (younger & only sister), and Don Hoffmeyer.
Mr. Hoffmeyer (dad) took the picture.

Editor's note: Don states he wasn't a hippie back then;
he says he had just skipped a few haircuts! :o)


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