Henry and Karen Griffin Dean

Karen, Class of 1973/74 Henry, Class of 1973

Photo by Deborah Stewart
Karen and Henry
June 2015

Karen and Henry

Karen and Henry
At the Varsity, December 2012

Henry and Karen
December 9, 2007

December 5, 2004
Karen and Henry

Henry and Karen and Mr. Joe Smith
Helen Chilton's House, 2004

Daughter's Wedding - Myrtle Beach, SC
August 26, 2002

Christmas 2001

Computing - May 23, 2000

1970 Something

1973 -Dating
His ride

1973 - My ride

1974 - No explanation needed


1973 - Henry's 18th

1985ish - My parents and me, Easter

1959ish - My sis and me

My first car

"Look, Ma! No teeth!"

A collection of
Karen's personal photos

Karen's small part in preserving history


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