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Alicia Bond

Alicia, Class of 1971

Alicia, her husband, Phil,
Sheena, her daughter, and her son, Hack

"Been hanging around you know--- UGA, DeKalb Co. Police, US Navy, two kids (of course a husband goes along with those). We live on 100 acre farm in Pike Co. Life's been pretty good to me. I never became the marine biologist I started out to be but it's not like I couldn't have been if I had chosen a different path. My husband, Phil, and my kids, Sheena (almost 17), and Hack (15), are occupying most of my time now. Sheena is a rising senior and is actively seeking a soccer scholarship to college. Hack just finished his freshmen year and is planning to play pro soccer. Yes, they are both very atheletic. My husband works for Hewlett Packard and furnishes us with a good living allowing me to be a stay at home mom right now. I worked for the school system for several years and even coached the girls soccer team for awhile."

Alicia - May 2001


Updated 5/31/2001

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