Fragile Band

"This picture was taken in 1979. From left to right, that's Ric Clark, Brent Daniel (forefront), Matt Shook (back), Doug Bristol (Tim Fortmann quit the band in 1977; Doug replaced him.), and yours truly on the far right. Ric went to Clarkston (Class of 1975); Matt went to Cedar Grove (Class of '75); and Doug and I of course went to Towers ('76). Not sure where Brent attended high school, but he would have been in the class of 1980." Ron Burns (THS 76)

"Funny story, my brother Danny was playing his drums up on the Towers stage one time with a couple of guys. Danny took a break and Ron asked him if he could play his drums. Doug was on guitar and they jammed together. That’s the first time Ron and Doug played together……Fragile was born!!" Byron Davidson (THS 73)

1978 FLASHBACK... Fragile Live!!
Ron Burns is on drums and Doug Bristol is playing guitar.

More Fragile Live - 1978!!
Lee Paschal burning the strings!


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