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Thanks to Tony Vaughan (THS 71) for this photo! Many thanks go to Cheryl Smith Margol (72) and to Sharon Bodenan (71) for getting all these alumni named!

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Back Row: Kathy Ricket, Paula Jones, Betsy Swanson, Paulette Taylor, Melanie Dean, half of Debbie Conner
9th Row: Jane Schott, Norma Royster, Peggy Roper, Nancy Robinson
8th Row: Rick Kokinos, Doug Rowe, Al Rachels, Mike Rape
7th Row: Robin Mitchell, Sherry Mims, Sandra Merritt, Teresa McElhanon, Marcia McDonald, Beverly McConnell
6th Row: Phil Lott, Charles Major, Robert Massey, Robert Mathews, Don Matthews
5th Row: Terri Mitchell, Debbie Groover, Yvonne Green, Sheila Gill, Denise Giles, Dottie George
4th Row: Darrell Duren, Sonny Durkee, Sandy Edmunds, Van Erwin, Stephen Farmer, William Gulledge, Bill Gilley
3rd Row: Terri Hall, Debbie Davis (blond one), Debbie Davis (tall one), Jeanette Daniel, Jan Crutchfield, Beth Cross, Patti Cowan
2nd Row: Kevin Altenburg, Donnie Atkinson, Doug Bailey, Mike Barfield, Tony Barnette, John Bassett
Front Row: Karen Tuschl, Linda Sims, Carol Sharpton, Lauren Ross, Pam Musselwhite

Back Row: Debbie Conner, Jan Hanson, Debbie Wuerdeman, Karen Williams, Stephanie Weyer, Debbie Watson, Angie Walton
9th Row: Dianna Robinson, Daryle Reynolds, Dale Reilly, Jackie Smith, Winnette Prater, Darlene Poole
8th Row: Jeff Reeder, Wayne Richards, Mark Ritchie, Pat Rogers, Mike Sellers
7th Row: part of Darlene Poole, Becky McBride, Linda Lyon, Loretta Lynch, Pam Lopez, Nancy Lewis, Pam Lawson
6th Row: part of Don Matthews, Byron McClain, Mark McCulloch, Don McClendon, John Howard or Gary McGinnis?, Mike Milligan
5th Row: Donna Garrett, Teri Garner, Sherry Gantt, Sharon Galloway, Rosalyn White
4th Row: Barry Hager, Ray Haglar, John Harrison, Mark Harris
3rd Row: Patti Cowan, Vicki Cook, Mike Cook, Pat Coker, Liz Clance
2nd Row: Part of John Bassett, Tim Baum, Jimmy Beddington, Mike Beddington, Paul Blease, Ted Blissit
Front Row: Angie Middleton, Amy Mangold, Nanette King, Jan Grimes, Beverly Grag

Back Row: Angie Walton, Gail Wallace, Peggy Walker, Donna Vandament, Gail Terrell, Linda Stewart, Pam Stauffer, Ellen Stallings
9th Row: Darlene Poole, Glenda Pirkle, Pam Pierce, Susan Phillips, Lynn Peeler, Sheryl Peek, Jackie Patsios, Pam Penrod
8th Row: Mike Severin, Andy Sheldon, Robert Sigman, Nelson Spratt, Shep Sheppard, Mike Smith
7th Row: Pam Lawson, Jan LaFitte, Linda Kucera, Paula Joyner, Susan Johnson, Sandra Johnson
6th Row: Jim Melville, Jim Moats, Chuck Moore, Phillip Moore, Phil Morris
5th Row: Maria Fujioka, Melissa Fowler, Carla Faulk, Marian Farrill, Joanne Everett, Karen Ergle
4th Row: Tim Hewett, Ronnie Hobbs, Rickey Holcombe, Stanley Hollins, Gary Hutson
3rd Row: Diane Childers, Len Chambless, Lorraine Chambers, Karen Case, Cathy Campbell, half of Mary Caldwell
2nd Row: Ted Blissit, Ron Bowman, Craig Bradford, Bob Britt, Buddy Buddin
Front Row: Cynthia Goetz, Sharon Cox, Janice Clegg, Alicia Bond, Brenda Baldwin

Back Row: Ellen Stallings, Linda Smith, Vangie Smith, Donna Smith, Candy Seltzer, Robert Vincent, Ken Ward, Dennis Whitefield, Paul Williams
9th Row: Pam Penrod, Gail Nelson, Yvonne Oslin, Judy Nelson, Roxanne Moore, Connie Moore, Patricia Mooney, Angela Mooney
8th Row: Jimmy Smith, Steve Steward, Lee Spence, Jeff Thompkins, Randy Thompson
7th Row: Sandra Johnson, Cindy Jackson, Debby Hutchins, Sandra Houston, Debbie Holden, Debbie Hester, Alisa Hawthorne, Mike Percy
6th Row: Mike Murphy, Henry Nance, Don Nation, Gene Nesbit, Dennis Nix, David Osborn
5th Row: Sandy Elliott, Laura Elliott, Denise Edwards, Susan Dow, Darlene Digby, Teresa Dickson (shooting a peace sign)
4th Row: Larry Hyland, Glen Johnson, Larry Jones, Butch King, Kyle LeCroy (shooting a peace sign)
3rd Row: Mary Caldwell, Sharon Burgin, Patricia Bryan, Vicki Brooks, Sharon Boyd, Sharon Bodenan, Vicki Blair
2nd Row: Ken Carden, Hal Carper, Jerry Castleberry, Dale Chambers, Donnie Christmas, Roger Conners
Front Row: Pam Allaway, Susan Parrish, Lynn Parrish, Ron Riley, Donald Copeland

Back Row: Rig Wyrick, Frank Acree
9th Row: Tony Vaughan, ?
8th Row: Dan Turner, Richard Turner
7th Row: Randy Phillips
6th Row: Scott Outman, Paul Parker?, Tommy Partain?
5th Row: Kay Dewberry, Lisa Alessandri, Monica Altenburg
4th Row: ?, David Lindsey, Arlen Loden
3rd Row: Beth Bingham, Lynn Bartlett, Barbara Barnes, Marie Allen
2nd Row: Jack Conoly, Dal Cox, David Del Castillo, Johnny Dunn, Ben Duren
Front Row: David Harris, Robbie Lawrence, Rodney Stringer, Ronnie Vaughn


Created 8/06/2008

Colorized Titan reproduced with Jeannine Lawrence's permission.
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