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Titan Photographs

Thanks to Valerie Craft, daughter of Ruby Albea Craft (THS 72), and niece to Roy Albea (THS 67) and Lloyd Albea (THS 74) for furnishing this photograph. A huge thanks goes to Anne Boyd Morgan (THS 72) and Cheryl Smith Margol (THS 72) for helping name all these people!
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Back Row: Susan Fowler, Cathy Ridings, Betsy Wilcox
8th Row: Cheryl Fain, Anne Owen, Randy Hobbs?
7th Row: Debbie Freeman, Debbie Denson, Deborah Carmichael, Janice Moffett
6th Row: Charles Rogers, Rick Abbott, Russell Harriss, James Snell
5th Row: Peggy Clark, Anne Boyd, Paulette Beard, Jennie Sue Couch
4th Row: Rick Hughett, Crandon Joyner, Mark Cheshire, Steve Gordy
3rd Row: Denice Flanigan, Vicki Black, Ruth Gulledge, Julie King, Sherry Ross, Debbie Bassinger

2nd Row: Lynn Jackson, Paul Yates, Richard Turner, Tony Banks, half of Joe Hall
First Row: Tarp Head, Virgil Clotfelter, Martin Pinion, Tony Burchette, Wayne Smith

Back Row: Mary Amanda Carson, ?, Kathy Lane, Teresa Dearing, Eddie Rogers

8th Row: Ricky Cramer, Don Griffith, Brad Jenks, Clifton Worn, Doyle Bradford

7th Row: ?, ?, Jane Haswell, Sheryl Hill, Nancy Wilson

6th Row: James Snell, Jerry Peeples, Larry Stephens, Bill Perkins, Ricky Patillo

5th Row: Theda Morton, Karen Gary, Donna Maxwell, Teresa Francis, Paula Martin, ?

4th Row: Donnie Scroggins, Randy Smith, Robin Jacobs, Jim Wallace

3rd Row: Libby Potter, Ruby Albea, Jeanne Brown?, Kim Kramer, Donna Weldon

2nd Row: Joe Hall, Randy Brown, Roy Ellis, Matt Whitehair, ?

First Row: Mike Ingram, Doug Case, Ken Scheinert, Judson Snead

Back Row: Phil Henry, Paul Hand, Steve Weldon, ?, Mike Hooks

8th Row: Randall Moncrief, David Cheek, ?, Bill Herbig, Ken Clark?

7th Row: Pam Brewer, ?, Nancy Ray, Patty Plunkett, Jan Woolf

6th Row: Doug Dawkins, Charles Edwards, Alan Farmer, Tom Duello, Mike Waddell

5th Row: Deborah Watson, Cathy Wilson, Denise Weese?, Merry Dunlap

4th Row: David Knowlton, Mike Brown?, Frank Davis, Jerry McGahee

3rd Row: Carol Willingham, Oleta Jones, Lynn Hill, Beverly Raxter, Peggy Klingel?

2nd Row: Randy Webb, John Sosebee, Greg Joyner

First Row:
Lynn Nelms,
Trudy Duello,
Beth Miscally,
Claudia Crowder,
Janet Royster

Back Row: Mark Reeves, Kevin Connell, Lee Jackson, Ricky Richards, Danny McCullough

8th Row: ?, Mark Ruprecht, Charlie Foster, Danny Hill

7th Row: Dale Tanner, Gayle Jones, Pat Odum, Renee Meyberg, Elaine Galloway

6th Row: Lee Pickens, ?, Ken Herbert, Ronnie Sorrow

5th Row: ?, Joni Daniel, Donna Bailey, ?, Betty Ussery?

4th Row: Jerry McGahee, ?, Ricky Fowler, Marvin Autry?, Jimmy Wheeler

3rd Row: ?, Sharon Vaughn, Denise Johnson, Peggy Ivey

2nd Row: Alvin Miller, David O'Barr, Donald Peek, Chuck Hall, Barry Noble?

First Row: Debbie Wallace, Terry Tatum, Patty Cooper, Phyllis Tuck

Back Row: Peter Maduros, David Wade, ?

8th Row: ?, ?, ?, Jim Wagner

7th Row: Cathy West, Corby Jackson, Cindy Steward, Donna Wilhite

6th Row: Danny McGinnis, Phillip Dearing, Mike Nash?, Mike Massey, Darrell Gurley

5th Row: ?, Sue Ferris, ?, Angeli Carter

4th Row: Bobby Mitchell, David Giles, ?, Scott Miller, Dennis Cheatham

3rd Row: Cecilia Chafin, ?, ?, Sheila Sprinkle, Lori Kawa

2nd Row: Donald Jones, James Johnson, Dennis Dunn, Doug Shaw?

First Row: Jan Huckaby, Melissa Beale, Chris Norcross, Mary Clance, Linda Gray

Back Row: Janet Perry

4th Row: Dennis Cheatham, Alan Youngblood

3rd Row: ?, ?

2nd Row: Doug Shaw?, Kim King, Mike Cross

First Row: Linda Gray, Jeanine Cully, ?, Ruth Jacobsen


Created 6/30/2008

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