Blast from the Past
Titan Photographs

Peachcrest Elementary Class Photo
Class of 1968 in 1963

Thanks to Pam Cook Donovan for furnishing these photographs.
Thanks to Chip Childress for putting names with the faces,
and for the commentary!
Also, thanks to Llyod Martin, THS 68, and Jimmy Bales for filling in a few unknown names!

BACK ROW - Steve Reynolds, Terry Morrell, Cliff Anderson
FOURTH ROW - Danny Nations, ????, Brenda Cartee, Gloria Wallace
THIRD ROW - Donny George, Henry Acree, Beth McCallister, Jim Barron, Fred Andrews
SECOND ROW - Lloyd Martin, Jimmy Bledsoe, Frank Stokes, Keith Whitehead, Dottie Cansler
FRONT ROW - Half of Ms. Rawlings, Harry Cook, Chip Childress, James Taylor, Ricky Barker

BACK ROW - Shelton Dickson, Damon Smith, ???? (zzz), Mike Henderson, Bobby King, Harvey Little, Larry Cox
FOURTH ROW - Dick Atkins, Phyllis Sechler, Tommy Weldon, Perry Thompson, Lester Gill
THIRD ROW - Cecilia Davis, Sandra Kinney, Kathy Mount, Pam (someone glued her mouth shut) Cook, Diane Long, ????, ????, Roy Leach (kid could be Ralph Lauren in the 7th grade ahead of his time with the dark dress shirt on amazes me)
SECOND ROW - Cheryl Tarpley, Donita Brown, Larry Hawkins, Glenda Smith, Sheryl Ryan, Martha Wheeler, Jimmy Bales, Linda Ball, Marilyn McKinney
FRONT ROW - Tony Etris, Mike Smith, Larry Waits, Jack Fagan, Leon Lively, Kathy Bennett, Bobby Smith, Charles Brand, Ms. Harvey


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