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Thanks to Donna Weldon Ray, Class of 1972/73,
for furnishing this photograph.
Enlarged photo can be found at the bottom of this page.


Information about this trip is from Scott Burch: "The trip had been delayed due to racial unrest in Washington, DC following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Each group of students was based on the people in the train car. The boys were in a different car and photographed separately."

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First Row, L-R: 1) Olivia Anderson, 2) Flo Bradford, 3) Mary Beth Hudson, 4) Lynne Smith, 5) Vickie ?, 6) ?, 7) Chris Norcross, 8) Pam King, 9) Cathy Seltzer, 10) Debbie Allen, 11) Joni Daniel, 12) Dyanne Edmundson, 13) Deborah Sims

Second Row, L-R: 1) ?, 2) Cathy Montgomery, 3) Wendy Waters, 4) Iva Daniels, 5) Donna Weldon, 6) Melody King, 7) Jane Eady, 8) Ann Futral

Third Row, L-R: 1) ?, 2) ?, 3) ?, 4) ?, 5) Dolleen Huston, 6) Miss Climber, 7) Mrs. Meadows, 8) Miss Bollenson, 9) Teresa Francis, 10) Lynn Gentry, 11) ?, 12) ?, 13) Rose Ahearn, 14) Deana Rich


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