Blast from the Past
Titan Photographs

All photographs on this page are from Judy Yeager.


Senior English Class, 1973
Steve Boyle in orange, Mary Jean Saunders, Susan Patillo

Class of 1973 on senior stage at lunch
Mary Saunders is looking back, Gary Staines is next to her with back to camera,
Susan Patillo is looking at principal, Ellison Smith,
Leigh Organ (next to Steve Boyle) is looking at Ellison Smith also,
Steve Boyle (orange), Susan Pettway (red), and Terri Estes at table

Senior Pond, 1973
Jerry Mitchell being thrown in by Clayton
and Clark Harding, with Steve Boyle,
Susan Patillo and Jimmy Long looking on

Mary Maduros (THS 73)

Mike Witcher (THS 73), David Baxter (THS 73), Scott Burch (THS 73), John Wright
Ready for Underground, 1973

John Bunn (THS 74), Judy, Charlie Bunn (THS 71)

Charlie Bunn (THS 71), John Bunn (THS 74), Judy, Vicki Ward (THS 73),
Lane Campbell (SWD 72), and Rick Wade (AHS 72)


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