Blast from the Past
Titan Photographs

All photographs on this page are from Judy Yeager.


Judy's 5th Birthday
Susan Fowler (THS 73), Judy sitting like a lady (THS 73), Libby Wilson (THS 75),
Robyn Sprayberry (SWD 73), Celia Wilson sitting lady-like too (THS 72)

Judy's 5th Birthday
Celia, Judy, Susan, Robyn

Brownies, 1964
Front Row: Judy (age 8), Jane Eady (THS 72), Lynne Smith (THS 73),
Flo Bradford (THS 73), Becky Brannon (THS 73), ?
Back Row: Vickie Farmer (SWD 73), Cynthia Delaney (Moved),
Mary Beth Hudson (THS 73), Karen Underwood (THS 73), Penny Powell (May have graduated from Columbia High School), ?

Third Grade, Glen Haven Elem., Ms. Adam's Class
Jane Eady with Jill, Judy, Janet Chance behind Jane,
Mike Witcher with his sister in red, Robert Bentley behind Mike,
Flo Bradford to Mike's left, talking to Terry Strickland (Teddy Bear Nursery),
Durance Lowendick's head behind Judy,
and Johnny Burt to Judy's left

8th Grade Spend the Night Party, 1969
Debbie Hutchins (THS 71), Judy, Kathie West (THS 72), Marilyn Miller (THS 73),
Leigh Organ (THS 73) with tongue out in back


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