Blast from the Past
Titan Photographs

Photographs from Sharon Patrick Lowendick.
April 1971, on the bus...
Nancy Pace and Blaine Bradley, Terry Weese and Renee

Photograph from Sharon Patrick Lowendick.
Sharon's 15th birthday party, August 1971
Marianne Youngblood '75, Alice Wells '73, Sharon Vaughn '72, Sharon Patrick '74,
Sharon Bailey '74, Patti Cowan '72

Photograph from Sharon Patrick Lowendick.
Marching Band
Rose Festival, April 1971

Photograph from Sharon Patrick Lowendick.
The marching band swimming at a motel in Tallahassee,
after marching in a parade.
The date is April 1971...
so Mr. Turner, Mr. Whitehair, Mr. Gilroy...identify yourselves!


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