THS Multiyear Reunion 2000 Photographs
November 11, 2000


Coach Ron Stegall

Mike Evans, Amy Rotruck

Richie Greene, David McCullough, Tracey Redmond, Darrell Young and wife, Judy

Johnny Carson, Sondra Franklin, Karen Hill Harlass

Jenny Franklin Skinner, Billy Wingard

Mark Campbell, Pat Davis Coleman and hubby, Johnny Coleman (73), Eric Hancock and wife, Diane, Cecil Hutchins, Mischell Lawrence, Mark Lewis, Tami McQueen and hubby, Austin Hansen (73), Vickie Monroe, Laura Rotruck, Alan Shuel, Kay Smarr, Cheryl Stephenson, Debra Stockdale Peeples and hubby, Jerry Peeples (72), Chuck Weik and wife, (who went to THS for a day) Roberta (Bertie), Geary Wright

Ron Blue and wife, Toy, Terri Burnette, Cindy Carson Donegan, Connie Clark and date, Betsy Flathe, Karen Griffin Dean, Mark Gunthorpe, Renee Hall, Wendy Peeples Hill, Herb Hollar, Randy Kawa, Sheryl Larwrence Born and husband, Richard Born (71), Jan Lindsey, Karen Martin Sutton, Lori McElhannon, Theresa McQueen Wilson and date, Martin Mitchell and wife, Erin, Charlie Rogers, Manita Sinyard, Randy Watkins with Princess Linda, Bucky Wooldridge, Lost Ernest Young and wife (Ernest give us a holler and let us know how to contact you!)

Pat BIRDMAN Burns, Johnny Coleman and wife, Pat Davis Coleman (75), Katrinka Fortmann Maddox and hubby, Austin Hansen and wife, Tami McQueen Hansen (75), Mary Maduros Coulter and hubby, Leigh Smith Satterfield, Judy Yeager Grano and husband, Ken

Chuck Hall and wife, Dawn, Kathy Paden-Redmond and date, Jerry Peeples and wife, Debra Stockdale (75), Pauline Taylor and honey, Walter Kenney (70), Matt Whitehair and wife, Deb

Richard Born and wife, Sheryl Lawrence (74), Roxanne Moore, Mike Olguin and date, Mike Rape, Linda Stewart, Paulette Taylor, Dan Turner and wife, Susan, Kenny Walters

Burt Downing and wife, Joy, Carol Gordon, Walter Kenney and honey, Pauline Taylor (72), Joyce Morgan, Lynn Veal Massey

Jeannine Lawrence, Brenda Tanner Bozeman and her hubby

Tim Bozeman and wife, Leon Lively, Steve Ragan, Tim Reeves, Marsha Rogers Smith and hubby, Joy Thomas Jones and hubby, Ted Jones (67), Stewart Way and wife

Deborah Dean Scherer and hubby, Mark, Shirley Ford Moore, Ted Jones and wife, Joy Thomas Jones(68), Betty Sewell Herington and her hubby

RickY Smith
Carey Stage

And there were more... but I don't have all the names. :o(

(I've loaded ALL photos onto one page for viewing, hoping the download time isn't too long.)

Photo 1 - Martin Mitchell's wife, Erin, Martin Mitchell (74), and one cool lady in a hat

Photo 2 - Back of Beth Hall (77), Renee' Hall (74) in black dress, Lynn Veal Massey (70) in Titan jacket, Vickie Monroe (75) in bluish/purple sweater coat, ? in blue dress, Darrell Young (78)

Photo 3 - Dan Turner (71), Coach Stegall, Leon Lively's (68) head is just behind Coach Stegall in white shirt, Tim Reeves (68) is just to the right in pattered shirt, Ted Jones (67) in the yellow shirt, Deborah Dean Scherer's (67) husband's back, Matt Whitehair's (72) forehead, back of Matt's wife Deb's head

Photo 4 - Karen Griffin Dean (73/74), Eric Hancock (75), someone in the background ?

Photo 5 - Judy Yeager (73), Coach Ron Stegall, Leon Lively (68) is in the background in the white shirt, Tim Reeves (68) in patterened shirt is to the right of Leon the top right corner of the picture.

Photo 6 - Barbie, I mean... Beth Hall (77), Chuck Hall (72) in black

Photo 7 - Eric Hancock (75), his wife, Diane, and it looks like Ron Howard in the background

Photo - 8 Dancing to the oldies - Tracey Redmond (78) in purple sweater, dancing with David McCullough (78)

Photo - 9 Kay Smarr (75) in white shirt, Manita Sinyard Clay (74) in the vest, back of Judy Yeager (73)

Photo 10 - Katrinka Fortmann Maddox's (73) husband, Larry, and lots of other people

Photo 11 - Oldies dancing to the oldies - Burt Downing (70), his wife, Joy, Marsha Rogers Smith (68) in orange, back of Paulette Taylor (71) in black dress

Photo 12 - I swear I won't tell anyone! Who did you say is wearing a rug?

Photo 13 - Mike Olguin (71), Coach Stegall, woman in black jacket, someone looking down, back of Deborah Dean Scherer's (67) husband, Mark

Photo 14 - Chuck Weik's wife, Roberta (Bertie) - she visited THS for a day, Kay Smarr (75) in white top, the coolest dude at the reunion, Chuck Weik (75)
RickY Smith (66) on far right in background

Photo 15 - back of someone, back of Judy Yeager (73) talking to Karen Griffin Dean, back of Mary Maduros Coulter (73) with hair up, Karen Griffin Dean's head (73/74), Kathy Paden-Redmond's (72) boyfriend from SWD 66, Colin Johnson, with dark hair talking to Stewart, Stewart Way (68) in gray shirt, Katrinka Fortmann Maddox (73), Deborah Dean Scherer (67) sitting at table with back to camera, Ted Jones (67) in yellow shirt, Shirley Ford (67) standing by table

Photo 16 - More dancing... Chuck Herington (66) in gray shirt dancing with his wife, Betty Sewell Herington (67), Tracey Redmond (78) in purple sweater, dancing with David McCullough (78) in denim shirt, Paulette Taylor (71) in black dress with silver hair, Princess Linda Watkins, married to Randy Watkins (74), in yellow top with long blonde hair, Karen Hill Harlass (77) in black on right facing the camera

Photo - 17 Top far left, Tim Bozeman (68), his wife, Tim Reeves (68) in black and white pattered shirt, Leon Lively (68) with arms crossed in white shirt, Ted Jones (67) in yellow shirt, his wife, Joy Thomas Jones (68) in white blouse, Marsha Rogers Smith (68) in orange

Photo - 18 Guy in a gray shirt is Sheryl Larwrence Born's hubby, Richard, Bucky Wooldridge (74) with blonde hair, unwanted intruder

Photo 19 - Someone with curly brown hair, back of Beth Hall (77), Renee' Hall (74)

Photo 20 - Burt Downing (70), back of Charlie Smith (Marsha's husband - NOT THS), Marsha Rogers Smith (68), Joy (Burt's wife)

Photo 21 - More Titans

Photo 22 - Coach Ron Stegall and Randy Kawa (74)... Randy holds the record for most trips to Stegall's office during the 70's!

Photo 23 - Matt Whitehair (72), his wife, Deb, Katrinka Fortmann Maddox's (73) husband, Larry

Photo 24 - Connie's date, Connie Clark (74), Lori McElhannon Smith (74), Wendy Peeples Hill (74)

Photo 25 - Dan Turner (71), his brother Mike Turner's jacket
Dr. Ron Stegall in background on left

Photo 26 - Dan Turner (71), Karen Griffin Dean (73/74)

Photo 27 - The original Titan design!

Photo 28 - Matt Whitehair (72), Katrinka's husband, Larry, Dan's wife, Susan, Katrinka Fortmann Maddox (73), Mary Maduros Coulter (73), Lynn Veal Massey (70), Dan Turner (71), Karen Griffin Dean (73/74)

Photo 29 - Chuck Hall (72) and his wife, Dawn

Photo 30 - Coach Ron Stegall and Carey Stage (66)

Photo 31 - Barry Davis' sister, Pat Davis Coleman (75) and her husband, Johnny Coleman (73)

Photo 32 - Linda Stewart (71), Paulette Taylor (71), Roxanne Moore (71)

Photo 33 - Laura Rotruck (75) and Pat the "BIRD" man Burns (73)

Photo 34 - Cindy Carson Donegan (74), Cindy's little brother, Johnny Carson (77), background center is RickY Smith (66), background side is Burt Downing's wife, Joy, Burt Downing (70) in background, and guy in a blue shirt

Photo 35 - Karen Hill Harlass(77), ?

Photo 36 - Dan Turner (71) and his wife, Susan

Photo 37 - Coach Ron Stegall and Mark Campbell (75)

Photo 38 - Deborah Dean Scherer's husband, Mark, Deborah Dean Scherer (67), Shirley Ford Moore (67), and Barry Davis (74)

Photo 39 - Karen Martin Sutton (74), Jeannine Lawrence (69)

Photo 40 - Ann Lindsey Farmer (74), Cheryl Lawrence Born (74)

Photo 42 - Katrinka Fortmann Maddox (73), Mary Maduros Coulter (73), Lynn Veal Massey (70)

Photo 43 - Connie Clark (74), Connie's date, and Karen Griffin Dean (73/74)

Photo 44 - Pauline Taylor (72) and Carol Gordon (70)

Photo 45 - Walter Kenney (70) and his honey, Pauline Taylor (72)

Photo 46 - Pauline Taylor (72), Coach Ron Stegall, Walter Kenney (70)... Coach Stegall was given thanks from several former students for his sense of direction and guidance and for his caring and sincerity back when he served his time at THS! Several students have credited Mr. Stegall for turning their young lives around, putting them on the RIGHT road of life for becoming successful adults today.


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