Towers High School Now and Then Photos

Minit Chek and Pendley Hills Hardware - 1970's

Minit Chek and Pendley Hills Hardware - 2000
Vacant lot
You can see a Honey Baked Ham Store where
the old drug store, Pendley Hills Pharmacy
(thanks RickY Smith and Bill Huston for this store name),
used to be. According to Teresa Dearing Beckett,
Pendley Hill's Parmacy's fountain was well-known for its
lime sours! She worked there in the 1970's and made
a whopping 90 cents an hour, plus all she cared to eat!

Minit Chek - 2005
A new building has been built which houses Advance Auto Parts.

Pendley Hills Pharmacy beside Minit Chek - 2005
Still Honey Baked Ham!


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Year 2000 and 2005 photos taken by Karen Griffin Dean.
1970's photos from old THS Football Program and THS Yearbooks.
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