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James Timothy "Tim" Nix

Tim Nix at FindAGrave.com

Below are news articles published in the Atlanta Journal during the media coverage of the unfortunate March 26, 1977 shooting death of Tim Nix (THS 78) by Former DeKalb County Sheriff Ray Bonner.

A special thanks goes to Nancy Ann Kitchens Van Hutten (THS 77) for sharing these AJC's news clippings she's kept all these years.

Thanks to John Reetz, the AJC reporter who covered DeKalb County news' cases back then, who gave me access to the acquittal news articles he wrote.

Notes and Memories
(If you'd like to add a special memory or note for Tim's family or friends, please send it to karen_d@bellsouth.net. Please add "Tim Nix" in the subject line and your message will be added.)

Tony Villanova - I have been running into a lot of my old class mates here lately. Tim's name was brought up as we were talking of old times and I was just thinking about those who did not make it this far. None of us will forget that period in time. Being a father for so many years, I could not imagine the injustice Tim's family felt. But be assured that the Bible tells us not to be angry, that God will be the final judge as to what happened on that night so long ago. Thank God, as time goes on, people in high places such as this, are no longer concidered "untouchables". Make no mistake, it still happens, just not as much as before. His Friend and classmate, Tony Villanova

Debbie in Maine, Memorial Day, 2009 - I just somehow found this memorial site for James Timothy Nix. I never knew him, but after reading the newspapers articles about him, I just had to say that it's the saddest story I have ever heard. I don't know why but I can't stop thinking of him. I visited Find A Grave and left him a forget-me-not because I will never forget the way this young man died. May God give his family and friends peace.

Wes Myers - Tim and I were best of friends growing up. Used to spend the night at his house some and we loved to shoot our bow and arrows at a target behind his house. Many may remember the "Fred Bear showed me how" tee-shirt Tim wore quite often. He tortured me in wrestling as he was a lot better than me, and conned me into joining the chorus with him also. No one loved to cut up and have fun more than Tim. I was working with Tim's brother Ted at The Old Hickory House when he was killed. I am 47 years old now and have spoke to my own teen children several times about what happened to my friend Tim. He was a free spirit that was loved by all in our class. What an injustice and what a waste of life. I miss you my brother - see you soon. God Bless You All - Wes

Victor Wilson - I was driving back home to Charleston, S.C. the other day and the song Desperado came on the radio. And as has happened for the past 30 years, I immediately thought of Tim Nix. It drew me here to this tribute and, for the first time in well over 30 years, I was able to read these articles. I never wanted to before because, quite frankly, it was hard for me to do so for so many reasons. I spent some good times with Tim, but what I remember most is that Tim was in chorus with me for a while at Towers. I cannot ever remember being around him and not laughing till it hurt. I guess that is why his death hit me so hard. That and the fact he is the first friend I had that was killed. So much has happened in life since then and I now see the importance of his death -- in ways I could not see then. I'm not sure any of us will ever know what really happened that night. I do know this with all my heart and soul -- Tim did not have to die over property. Seemed useless to me then and seems that way 30 years later. This is an honest and great tribute to a boy that would have grown into what would have been a great man had his life not been cut short. For so many reasons I cannot go explain here, I still miss Tim and I guess I always will. Through all the crap that has been thrown my way, I will enjoy this ride called life since Tim did not get to. Rest on my friend -- until we laugh again together till it hurts.

Richie Greene - Very nice page/tribute to my old buddy. Nice to see those old newspaper clippings being preserved online. Tim used to have a t-shirt that said, "Fred Bear showed me how." He wore that shirt so often, we got to calling him "Fred" after a while. I think Fred Bear was some sort of name brand in archery equipment... something like that anyway.

You know how some people can whistle real loud with their fingers in their mouth? Well, one time in PE class in the winter, the guys did gymnastics on the stage and the girls were on the basketball court doing somethin'-a-nuther. The stage curtain stayed closed and rule was, we weren't supposed to open it or peek through at the girls. But Tim, always the joker, went to curtain, somebody whistled real loud, then Tim dropped his drawers and mooned the girls.

All through the years of my life... not often but now and then... I'd see Mrs. Nix out in her front yard, the huge volumes of traffic flowing by her front door... and it always seems like there was a head-bowed sadness in her. It might have been my imagination but I always got the impression that the head was bowed because of what happened to her son.

Tim grew up on Covington Hwy. He lived on the fringes of what you might call our territory but we never played with him cause he went to a different grammar school. It was a weird district line thing. But I knew who he was cause my Mom knew all the close neighbors back then. You know how it was... you knew who lived in EVERY house cause people moved so seldom. Anyway, I remember seeing Tim playing football with friends in his front yard when we were pretty young. I also knew who he was cause me and him had both been in same class at Teddy Bear kindergarten.

Renee (Carver) Boyce - Thanks Karen for the website link to Tim Nix. The memories came flooding back. I just had a good cry over it. Even after 30 years (hard to believe that long ago), I still get mad at how Bonner got off. I still cry when I hear the Eagles song "Desperado" that was played his memorial assembly.

Michael Atkins - I remember cutting class in order to go to Tim's funeral. The church was so packed that there was a crowd outside during the service. I will always remember his energy and smile.

Pam Mundy Ferrell - I don't believe I ever read all of the newspaper articles back when this tragedy occurred. It all seemed so unreal at the time it happened. Most of my memories of Tim were from early, early elementary school. He was in my first grade class and he wasn't one of my favorite people because he kept trying to look up my dress! I think he and Randy Simpson were close friends and Randy was in on it! Another memory of Tim was at my birthday party when we ran around and around the house screaming like banshees. Then I think the next year Rowland was built and he stayed at Glen Haven and I moved schools. I vividly remember the assembly. I didn't remember as a memorial to Tim, but just some kind of multi-media assembly where two songs were sung that hit us hard. Desperado was one and the other one was "I Shot the Sheriff". I think the crowd got really hushed when that song played. I also remember the funeral and the huge crowds in and outside of the church. Doug was in my chemistry class and I remember his first day back at school. It wasn't very comfortable for him. Thank you, Karen, for posting the articles and thank you to Nancy for keeping them.

Ted Nix (brother) - I remember Tim loved the outdoors and wanted to become a forest ranger. Always trying to joke around for a laugh.

Jeff Logan - Ronald Reagin and Tim Nix graduated from Rowland. Grew up with both of them. They were great. Always felt bad Tim's life was so short.

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