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THS 1974 30th Reunion
July 10, 2004

UPDATES HAVE BEEN ADDED! Scroll to see the new photos! Thanks to Byron Davidson for allowing me to scan sections of the group photos.

Reunion committee members are Barry Davis, Debbie Davis Giles, Lynn Davison Burke, Bill Cook, Rickey Upchurch, and Karen Griffin Dean. Plans for this reunion were made by the committee and carried out by Kandy and Bryon Davidson (THS 73) of 1st Class Reunions.

Even though our attendance for this reunion was lower than expected, we had a wonderful time! The committee would like to thank all those who donated to help cover our reunion costs and
a HUGE THANKS goes out to
for their major contributions to help cover the cost of this reunion!

People in attendance included: Jim Adcock and Lori Kawa Rylee (72), Andy Barfield, Terri Burnette, Vicky Butler Mabry, Cindy Carson Donegan and husband, Rick, Bill Cook and wife, Liz, Jim Crutchfield and wife, Barry Davis, Dennis Ford, Barbara J. Fujioka Belmont and sister, Marie Fujioka (71), Laura Gould Watson, Karen Griffin Dean and husband, Henry (73), Johnny Holland and guest, Herb Hollar, Ken Lambert and wife, Sharon, Billy Long and wife, Julie Smith Long, John H. Lyons and wife, Jackie, John McCormack and wife, Beth Nalley McCormack (73), Michelle Mitchell Johnson. Nita Moore White, Robin "Santy" Morris, Manita Sinyard Clay, Ava Thompson Crawford, Cathey Tinsley Jones and sister, Suzan Tinsley Lyon (76?), Cindy Tuck Barker and husband, Thom, Collie Turner and wife, Pam, Rickey Upchurch and wife, Cynthia Southard Upchurch (76), Mike Wallace and wife, Nancy, Kenny Weyer, David White and wife, Vicki, Jackie E. Williams and guest, Bucky Wooldridge
and I'm sure I've overlooked a few people.
If you were there and aren't on this list, please let me know so I can add you.

Survivor Award
(most life changing award for beating life's crummy hand)
Pam Todd Hornsby (stroke victim - relearned walking, talking, reading, and writing)

Survivor Award
(most life changing award for beating life's crummy hand)
Sandy Harmon Long (double organ recipient: pancreas and kidney)

*If we'd known ahead of time that Cathey Tinsley Jones
was a major stroke survivor also, and she had to learn to walk,
talk, write, and read all over again, she would have won this award at our reunion.

Dick Clark Award - Male
(least changed male)
Johnny Holland

Dick Clark Award - Female
(least changed female)
Ava Thompson Crawford

About Face Award - Male
(most changed male)
Bucky Wooldridge

About Face Award - Female
(most changed female)
Bill Cook

Gulliver's Travels
(traveled farthest to the reunion)
Kenny Weyer (Mesa, AZ)

Newly Wed Award
Mike Wallace (1 year 6 months)

Rocking Chair Award
(most grandkids)
Mike Wallace (5 grandkids)

Class Clown Award
(most creative questionnaire returned)
Herb "MR. WONDERFUL" Hollar
Herb states that he is a brain surgeon, and that he is way too handsome to have grandchildren. His hobbies include tripping the light, playing keyboards, and counting his millions. He has been educamated and he remembers kicking Kenny "THE LOSER" Weyer's butt up and down the hall each morning at THS. Ghandi, the Beatles, a 12 string Rickenbacker, paisley shorts, boxer shorts, and platform shoes have had the most effect on him in life. Herb says he is only getting better looking each day and he remembers Ted "THE LOVE GOD, Case" John "DO I SMELL LIKE A DOG?" McCormack, Larry "DAYTONA" Bone, and Alan "DO YOU WANT TO SPLIT A CASE?" What is Alan's last name, Herb??? Herb's friend who will always know where he is is Santa Claus from the North Pole.

1974 THS Reunion Committee members in attendance
Bill Cook, Rickey Upchurch, Karen Griffin Dean, Barry Davis

Vickie Butler Mabry, Bill Cook, Rickey Upchurch,
Cynthia Southard Upchurch (THS 76), Julie Smith Long

Cindy Carson Donegan, John McCormack, Manita Sinyard Clay,
Johnny Holland, Andy Barfield, Cathey Tinsley Jones,
Billy Long, Michelle Mitchell Johnson

Ken Lambert, Dennis Ford, David White, Mike Wallace,
Jim Adcock, Collie Turner, Kenney Weyer, Herb Hollar,
Cindy Tuck Barker, Barbara Fujioki Belmont, Cindy Carson Donegan,
John McCormack, Manita Sinyard Clay, Johnny Holland

Henry Dean (THS 73), Karen Griffin Dean, Barry Davis,
Cathey Tinsley Jones, Johnny Lyons, Byron Davidson (THS 73 - our photographer)

Andy Barfield, Cathey Tinsley Jones, Billy Long,
Michelle Mitchell Johnson, Nita Moore White,
Buckey Wooldridge, Terri Burnette, Ava Thompson Crawford,
Barbara Fujioki Belmont, Jackie White, Lori Kawa Rylee,
Marie Fujioki (THS 71), Jim Crutchfield

Dennis Ford, Mike Wallace and part of Jim Adcock, Vickie Butler Mabry, Johnny Lyons, Johnny Holland

Mike Wallace and his wife, Nancy

Robin "SANTY CLAUS" Morris and Ken Lambert's wife

Ken "SAMSON" Lambert and Bucky Wooldridge

Nita Moore White

Terri Burnette

Rickey Upchurch and Cathey Tinsley Jones

Michelle Mitchell Johnson

Cindy Carson Donegan's hubby, Rick,
Herb "THE LOVE GOD" Hollar, Cindy Carson Donegan

Ken Lambert and Bill Cook

Manita Sinyard Clay, Bill Cook, Ken Lambert,
Barry Davis, Robin "SANTY" Morris

Lori Kawa Rylee (THS 72), Rickey Upchurch's wife, Cynthia Southard Upchurch (THS 76),
John McCormack's wife, Beth Nalley McCormack (THS 73)

Nita Moore White, Cathy Tinsley's sister, Suzan Tinsley Lyon (THS 76), Michelle Mitchell Johnson, Ava Thompson Crawford, Terri Burnette, Rickey Upchurch, Cathy Tinsley Jones
(background) Manita Sinyard Clay and Ken Lambert

Collie Turner's wife, Collie Turner, Pam, Julie Smith Long, David White, David's wife, Vicki

Johnny Lyons, John "DO I SMELL LIKE A DOG?" McCormack
(background) Collie Turner

Jackie White's guest and Jackie White
(background) Kenny Weyer

Jim Adcock, Kenny "KICKED DAILY DOWN THE HALLS OF THS BY HERB HOLLAR" Weyer and his guest

Cindy Tuck Barker's husband, Thom (AHS 72?), Jim Crutchfield's wife, Jim Crutchfield, Cindy Tuck Barker

Marie Fijioka (THS 71), Barbara Fijioka Belmont, Julie Smith Long
Wait a second! Hold the phone! Is that a skull on your shirt, Barbara???

Manita Sinyard Clay and Ken Lambert

Jim Crutchfield, Vicky Butler Mabry, Cindy Tuck Barker

Herb "MR. WONDERFUL" Hollar

Cindy Carson Donegan

Lori Kawa Rylee (THS 72)

(L-R) Billy "BEST LOOKING GUY IN CARROLLWOOD ESTATES" Long, Cindy Tuck Barker, David White, Bucky Wooldridge, Ava Thompson Crawford, Andy "THE FOOTBALL MAN AND YES, I STILL HAVE ALL MY HAIR" Barfield, Karen Griffin Dean
AWOL - Collie Turner, where were you?


Billy Long, Ava Thompson Crawford, Bucky Wooldridge, Andy Barfield,
David White, Cindy Tuck Barker, Collie Turner, Karen Griffin Dean


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